the Cold Software Project


These names reflect the current Cold Project Contributors and Developers, not necessarily those who have contributed to any Cold or ColdMUD development in general. If you find any discrepancy in this list, please contact Brandon about it.

Developers and Contributors:

Brandon Gillespie - Project Lead 1994 ~ 2002
Miroslav Silovic
Brad Roberts
Bruce Mitchener
Jon Lambert
Brian Buchanan
Brad Roberts
Ken Brush
Greg Hudson (original Author of ColdMud)
Ted Kanzinsky
Jeff Kesselman
Jordan Baker
Alex Stewart
Zachary DeAquila
Robert de Forest


Greg Hudson creates C-- as a programming language project at MIT, His primary purpose is to focus upon creating a performant object-oriented language where object instances are also persistent in a database. The language is later renamed to ColdC due to another language already using the name C--.
ColdMUD 0.1 is released by Greg Hudson.
The Cold Dark is established as a virtual community online to expand the initial baseline in C-- created by Greg Hudson.
Various other versions of ColdMUD have been released up to this time, finalizing with Greg Hudson's last official release of ColdMUD version 0.10. Greg's remaining work became version 0.11. Jordan Baker added patches for bug fixes that had been passed around, which included cooperative multitasking through the use of suspend()/resume() and pause().
Brandon Gillespie and Alex Stewart take the source and continue development under the ColdC Project, rewriting the core language library as the Cold Core, and keeping the language driver up to date.
Second Cold Core release.
Genesis 1.0 is released (the language and database interpreter which was previously coldmud).
Genesis 1.1-STABLE is released, this is the first publicly stable release of any ColdC server.

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