Brandon Gillespie
1596 East Gentile Street
Layton UT 84040
801-593-5622 (home)
801-682-3444 (work)


Over 14 years of Computer/Information Service experience in a variety of environments and responsibilities, specializing in Internet Systems Security, Enterprise Architecture, Storage Area Networks and Databases. Experienced with managing a team of individuals to develop and maintain large scale internet sites. Certified in internet security handling by the Global Incident Analysis Center (GIAC GSEC certified).


Formal Education

Professional Experience

Protos Data and Security Solutions, 1596 East Gentile Street, Layton UT
Systems and Security Architect 2000 => Present
Environment: Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, Wireless, Checkpoint, PIX; Intrusion and Vulnerability detection systems.
Responsibilities: Research current security issues. Develop tools for use in a modern network security environment. Contract services, primarily for internet architecture analysis, trouble-shooting and performance design.

Co-owner of Protos, which was reformed in 2004; prior to that the company was Proetus, with the same goals but different owners.

Iomega Corporation, 1821 West Iomega Way, Roy, Utah 84067
Enterprise Unix and Security Team Lead May 1998 => Present
Environment: Sun Solaris & SPARC servers, HP-UX & HPPA servers, EMC Symmetrix systems, Brocade Fibre Channel switches, SAN architecture, Storagetek Tape Silos, Veritas NetBackup, Volume Manager, Solaris Disksuite, Sunscreen, Checkpoint, DR/BCP, PIX, Apache, Java, HP Service Guard, SSH, sendmail, Perl.
Responsibilities: Manage a team of six individuals to architect, administer and support (24/7) Iomega's internet and general unix systems. Includes 70+ Sun servers. Interfacing with Vendors and selecting hardware. Large projects included complete re-architecture of internet DMZ from late 1999 through early 2000, which also involved building HA firewalls and Veritas Cluster for Oracle; Complete front-to-back e-commerce implementation of Blue Martini from December 2000 to February 2001, including fulfillment, order management and internet sales front. Also responsible for detecting and responding to network security incidents.

Stillwater Data and Computer Services , 1115 North 200 West, Logan Utah 84341
Co-Owner Jan 1998 => Aug 1999
Environment: PC, Unix
Responsibilities: Co-Owner of Stillwater Data and Computer Services, a Computer Service and Contract company in Logan, Utah. Focused on business and government service clients include most local city governments, and other state organizations (government, educational and research). Service includes hardware and software sales, along with server administration and both WAN and LAN networking.

The Cold Project
Manager Nov 1994 => 2002 (semi-retired)
Responsibilities: Created and manage the Cold Project (, Which is an Open-Source project to maintain the development of ColdC and ColdC drivers. ColdC is a parameterized Object Oriented Database language with a stack-based byte-code interpreter, intended for network server applications which need an inherently persistent database layer, such as Virtual Environment Systems.

Sun Remarketing, 3663 N Hwy 91, Smithfield Utah 84335
Senior Systems Administrator and Developer Nov 1995 => May 1998
Environment: Digital Unix, FreeBSD, Linux, Unixware, Macintosh, PC, PROGRESS, QAD MFG/PRO, SQL, ISP, PBX (Northern Telecom Meridian), LAN, WAN, Apache, Stronghold
Responsibilities: Multiple duties encompasing nearly all IT operations at a small telephone sales business, including development of web sales systems (in the early days of the web), database management (Progress) as well as lan and telco systems management (Meridian).

Utah State University, Logan Utah
World Wide Web Administrator 1994 => Nov 1995
Environment: OSF/1, Apache
Responsibilities: Created and Maintained USU's original website, along with CGI and other programming. Later contracted in 1997 to create calendar system. Server was a DEC Alpha running OSF/1, and Apache.

Utah State University, Logan Utah
Software Consultant 1992 => 1994
Environment: Unix, PC, Macintosh
Responsibilities: Provided system support for Unix/Ultrix, PC and Macintosh systems at Utah State University.